Take the Pledge

“In recognition of the continued global atrocities against the fundamental dignity and rights of countless children, women, and men around the world, I hereby pledge to become a lifelong human rights activist. By signing this honorable document I promise to remain forever faithful to the human cause, to become an exemplar of what it means to be human, and to devote my life in whatever capacity I am able, to safeguard and protect all innocent persons of this good Earth. I promise, to uphold the dignity and sanctity of the rights of all innocent human beings irrespective of gender, race, or any other denominations currently or hereafter devised. I stand in honor, and say with utmost truth, that for as long as I live and take breath in my body, I shall become a beacon of light in this world so full of perpetual darkness. By signing this document, I hereby pledge to become a Steward of the Universal & Inalienable Rights of this planet Earth and all Her residents.”

The International STEM Society for Human Rights would like to also encourage physical copies of the above pledge replicated in writing with your name and signature. Please note that pledges may be displayed on our websites and media platforms for further public advocacy and awareness. Addresses and other personally identifiable information will not be displayed. Please mail your pledge to 1200 S. Brand Blvd., Suite #11 PO Box #151, Glendale CA 91204. For more information please email info@isshr.org.
Thank you for your lifelong support to the human rights cause