H.E.R. Assemblies & Events

February 24th 2016, San Diego Unified School District (San Diego CA, United States)
The International STEM Society for Human Rights continues the H.E.R. Challenge Assembly series in San Diego, CA. As part of a co-hosted event with San Diego Unified School District, we were privileged to be able to motivate nearly 200 students and faculty, representing 13 high schools across San Diego, to become global human rights activists and leaders. Dr. Cheryl Ward, professor at San Diego State University, and Mr. Rajiv Uttamchandani gave powerful talks that empowered the audience. The Assembly presents a crucial step forward in our strategy to combat global human trafficking, and along with our partners at the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition, we shall continue to mobilize young minds to make a difference.

We sincerely thank Dr. Ward and our friends and San Diego Unified, for making this event possible. We also thank the New York Film Academy for being present and helping us document this entire event. We look forward to closely collaborating with our students and schools, and will even sponsor a small group to present at our upcoming H.E.R. India Conference, to be hosted this August 23rd-25th in Hyderabad, India.

January 29th & 30th 2016, Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools (Lucknow, India)
The International STEM Society for Human Rights is proudly interacts with students and teachers from the Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools in Lucknow. From motivating students to be a part of the modern human rights movement, to meeting with teachers, parents, and grass roots level NGO’s, our collaboration with Seth M.R. Jaipuria has come to a fantastic start. We thank especially Ms. Anam Zaidi, Ms. Promini Chopra, and Ms. Anjali Jaipuria for being such gracious hosts to our visit. There will be much more to come from this collaboration – and a new wave of brave and young modern human rights activists.


January 27th 2016, Abhyasa Schools (Hyderabad, India)
The H.E.R. Clubs finds its way to one of the leading residence schools in Hyderabad, India. After over more than 4 hours of interaction in the evening with several mambers of ISSHR’s senior administration, many Abhyasa Students have committed to uphold the rights of women and children, and safeguard the lives of individuals most vulnerable to become victims of human rights abuses
November 28th 2015, Asilo De San Vicente De Paul (Manila, Philippines)
The International STEM Society for Human Rights officially launches the H.E.R. Challenge Assemblies & H.E.R. Clubs in Manila, Philippines, at the Asilo De San Vicente De Paul. ISSHR Chairman Rajiv Uttamchandani and Director of Strategic Initiatives Dr. Florian Schwandner interact with students, social workers, college professors, and administrators at the Catholic orphanage. The event motivated attendees to continue to extend their contributions towards the human rights cause, and to achieve new degrees of hope through innovative applications of science and technology.