About Us

The H.E.R. (Humanity Education & Rights) Clubs is an international organization comprised of students, teachers, and schools from around the world who are dedicated to making significant contributions towards the preservation of universal human rights. H.E.R. Clubs is a part of the International STEM Society for Human Rights’ primary division which centers around motivating and empowering our youth to become more active participants towards the human rights cause.

Through H.E.R. Clubs, the ISSHR regularly communicates with members, provides support and assistance where needed to ensure projects are met with due and timely success. We are dedicated to motivating, empowering, and mobilizing schools, students, and teachers, from around the world to become active and continuing participants towards the global human rights cause.

Our-Team Our Team

Mr. Rajiv Uttamchandani
Founder & Chairman, International STEM Society for Human Rights, Executive Director, H.E.R. Clubs
Rajiv Uttamchandani is an astrophysicist, professor, and Founder & Chairman of the International STEM Society for Human Rights ­ a global nonprofit organization dedicated to applying STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)...
Mr. Vikas Sethi
Chief Creative Design Officer, International STEM Society for Human Rights
Mr. Vikas Sethi is the Founder and CEO of Pixel to Pixel, a renowned institution in India which focuses on capturing the most critical aspects of a client’s mission and creative needs.
Mr. C.D. Shridhar
Senior Adivsor, H.E.R. India Operations
Qualification ‐ BE, Mechanical, MSc Engineering by Research. Has 43 publications. 39 years of activeservice, from Oct 1975 to Dec 2014. Retired as Outstanding Scientist and Deputy Director, ISAC/ISRO Bangalore. 5 years’ experience in the field of Quality Control and Quality assurance.
Mr. Harish Sharma
Chief Information Technology Officer, International STEM Society for Human Rights
Harish Sharma is an expert information technology professional and computer programmer. He completed his B.E. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Sainik Schools, a highly...