The H.E.R. (Humanity Education & Rights) Clubs

The H.E.R. (Humanity Education & Rights) Clubs is an international organization comprised of students, teachers, and schools from around the world who are dedicated to making significant contributions towards the preservation of universal human rights. H.E.R. Clubs is a part of the International STEM Society for Human Rights’ primary division which centers around motivating and empowering our youth to become more active participants towards the human rights cause.

The International STEM Society for Human Rights (ISSHR) is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in January 2015, we are dedicated to applying STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), Education, and the Visual and Performing Arts to safeguard, nurture, and empower survivors and individuals who are most vulnerable to become victims of human rights abuses. The institution consists of three Chapters – H.E.R. (Humanity Education & Rights), P.E.E.R. (Preservation of Environment & Ecosystem Rights), and D.A.T.A. (Disable Active Target Assets) – which together integrate various fields of expertise and offer a multifaceted approach to more fully address human rights issues around the globe.

H.E.R. Clubs Goals

  • Form a secured global network of schools, teachers, and student youth human rights activists
  • Mobilize and empower students and teachers to become active participants in the global human rights cause
  • Facilitate communication between schools and grassroots human rights NGOs

ISSHR Mission

  • Preserve Universal Human Rights
  • End All Forms of Violence Against Women & Children
  • Rescue Victims of Human Trafficking & Slavery
  • Stop Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and the Sexual Exploitation of Women & Children
  • Prevent Child Marriage
  • Reform Criminal Justice System for Human Trafficking & Violence Against Women
  • Effectively Resettle & Educate Refugees
  • Promote Racial & Gender Equality